Kreator 3D Develops Indigenous Ventilator To Take On Covid-19

format_quoteCurrent online data suggests that only 20% of the Covid-19 patients need a ventilator. However, when the need arises, it becomes imperative to provide it to the patients in time, owing to the criticality of the situation. Current ventilators in the market cost about Rs 10-15 lakh and it takes a good amount of time and processes to build one. It was this gap that we decided to bridge; thus, built a fully functional ventilator that serves patients in case of emergencies. — Shubham Dawkhar, Chief Technology Officer, Kreator 3D
Ventilator 2
Ventilator(working during clinical trials)
format_quoteThe collaborative efforts of all three entities(SRM Innovation and Incubation Centre, Kreator 3D, Rizel Automotive) has helped in creating a product that we think will help in easing at least one battle against Covid-19. Our focus was not just on creating a product, but to build a cost effective and functional machine that reaches people in time. — Anurag Atulya, Chief Executive Officer, Kreator 3D